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Spiritual Health: Resources and People I Love

Jody Noland wrote a beautiful workbook called "Leave Nothing Unsaid". Here is a link to her Facebook page: Her website is . Make sure to sign up for her newsletter and if your church needs a speaker for an upcoming gig, she is the best!

Pam Gillaspie is a writer and speaker. She LOVES God's Word and is an encouragement to go deeper. You can find out all about here here -

Precept is an amazing ministry the focuses on learning to discover the Truth of God's Word for yourself. If you are looking for a deeper understanding of God's Word check out their website

The Pocket Testament League provides resources to encourage you to share your faith. Check it out at

Jan Silvious is amazing. She is an author, speaker and life coach -- plus she is hilarious and wise. She has a daily video post on Facebook, during this season, which I am finding great encouragement in.

Lina Abujamra. I just learned about Lina recently. She's a fiery warrior for our LORD. She's also an ER doctor and leads a ministry. I am really enjoying her messages!

More to come...


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