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What gals say...

Katherine was the keynote speaker at the MORE Conference for the last two years.

"When Katherine is in the room, there are “no women left behind”. Whether it’s through her incredible relational skills, genuine desire to acknowledge you, or the realness of words she speaks into your heart, every women leaves feeling loved, valued, and known. “

- Megan L. from Dalton, GA (More Conference developer and director)

Katherine has trained over 100 small group leaders at Rock Bridge Church, a multi-campus church of over 4,000 members in Georgia.

"Thank you for the many inspiring tips you gave us today on how to better study the Bible and get the most out of it!  I know, for myself, I will benefit from it tremendously!" 

-Jennie A., Conference attendee from Georgia


"Katherine changed my life with two words... "baby steps". Her love for God encouraged me. She loves Jesus!"

- Ashlee from Carbondale, IL

"Katherine has been such an inspiration to me. I just love the light that is in her. She knows God has a plan for all of us. I love how humble she is."

- Elizabeth from South Carolina

"Katherine's love for Jesus is a light in this dark world, truth in a world of lies."

- Joy from Georgia


Katherine was almost 40 years old when she became a Christian. Living on Maui, with what would seem to others the perfect life—a beautiful husband and son, money, a great job and a nice home—her life was far from perfect. In fact, she had made the decision to walk away from it all when a business associate invited her to Bible study. She eventually said yes, and that decision led her to ultimately say “yes” to Jesus. 

Katherine is married and has one son. She has spent 15 years in the resort hotel business working with companies on Maui, in Aspen, Vail, Snowmass, Tahoe, Puerto Vallarta and many others.

She has worked for Kay Arthur/Precept Ministries in Chattanooga, Tennessee handling all Kay’s television, radio, marketing and web technology. Most recently Katherine was the vice president of marketing for The Pocket Testament League, a 120-year-old international evangelism ministry.

Katherine’s passion is teaching women what the Bible says about the mind, and how to live victoriously no matter what you have done in your past. She speaks at conferences, trains small group leaders, disciples women in a local rehab and runs a marketing business.


Soar Conference Overview

The Soar Conference is an example of a weekend event with four sessions. 


The Bible tells us that when we hope in the LORD we will renew our strength and soar on wings like eagles (Is 40:13). But how can we soar through life’s daily challenges with busy schedules, prodigal kids, aging parents, sickness, job loss, financial problems, insecurities and more? How can we prepare our mind for action? (1 Peter 1:13) God tells us to take our thoughts captive? (2 Cor 10:5) How do we really do that?  Can we really have freedom in our thought lives? (John 8:32)


At the Soar Conference we’ll see what God’s Word has to say about our minds in four sessions:

  • Session 1: Renew. Soaring above our circumstances with a renewed mind

  • Session 2: Rise. Starting the day with a renewed mindset

  • Session 3: Rest. Preparing our mind for the battle. Trusting God when the enemy attacks.

  • Session 4: Ready. Having a mindset that is prepared for our Savior’s return

To contact Katherine and find out more about how to book a conference, fill out the information below...

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