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Below are samples of projects to give you an idea about my experience. Providing the right messages in the right places that reach the right people at the right time and tracking results is what I'm all about.
Google Grants

Google offers non-profits a $10,000 a month in-kind media to spend on the AdWords ad platform. This is a tremendous benefit for an organization trying to capture awareness, leads and donations. Google has sweetened the pot with Grantspro. Qualifying non-profits can apply to receive $40,000 a month in in-kind media. For Pocket Testament I submitted and received the $120,000 a year grant. It helped the ministry to reach one million web visits to their site, generating awareness and increasing our lead database. I can submit your application and help manage the advertising.


Outsource Strategies

Pocket Testament had a challenge.  How could this U.S. based ministry expand to dozens of countries when there were only 4 people on staff who all spoke English and lived in the U.S.? The Solution … crowdsourcing. I developed a comprehensive plan that included outsourcing, translators, backend web admin development, data driven communications, daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports, international social media, marketing plans in all languages, outsourced graphic designers and more.

Social Media

Precept Ministries had a problem. A statement Kay Arthur made was twisted into a lie and went viral. The solution: Create Kay Arthur’s social media and go on the offensive with the truth. Kay now has an active presence on all platforms. 


For Pocket Testament I developed a Facebook campaign that generated over 2 million fans in ten different languages. The campaign was monetized and was one of the top revenue producing efforts.


Your website is the primary way most people experience your brand. It’s the digital center of activity for educating potential donors and it's where people decide to volunteer and join the cause. Close to 70% of all donors research an organization on their website before giving. Let me help make sure your brand shines through for them. I've designed front end client facing websites and back end admin systems for hotels and resorts and for nonprofits. 


I was hired at Pocket Testament to expand ministry internationally to China, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Korea, French-speaking countries, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Arabic-speaking countries, Indonesia and South America. Branding standards were established and maintain across all platforms: web, print, email, etc.  Training guidelines were developed and given to all international shipping houses. The PTL site went from a few hundred thousand visitors to over a million annually. Membership went from under one hundred thousand to over a half million.

There are many other projects I can share with you. I look forward to the opportunity to provide a proposal for your review.

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