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Mike White

General Manager

Kaanapali Beach Hotel - Maui, Hawaii

"Katherine worked as Marketing and Sales Director for Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Maui for over 10 years. During those years the hotel enjoyed high occupancies and financial success. During those years the creative marketing work she did won many awards including two Awards of Excellence from the American Advertising Federation and many awards from the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International including a Golden Bell Public Relations Award. The awards were for collateral, advertising, public relations, video sales presentations and product/sales presentations."

Peter Dann

Executive Vice President / Director of Operations

East West Resorts - Vail/Crested Butte, Colorado, Big Sky, Montana, Lake Tahoe , California

"Katherine provides marketing support corporately to East West Resorts.  She spearheaded development of an inclusive East West Resorts location cross-sell strategies, sales training, website development/optimization and facilitation of sales strategy meetings.  Katherine's tenacity and commitment to follow through on projects assists us tremendously in implementing new marketing efforts at East West Resorts." 


Linda Anderson,

General Manger

The Timberline - Snowmass Village, Colorado

"Katherine developed a 3 year strategic marketing plan that has helped our business increase over 30%. A year ago our website looked outdated, was hard to navigate and was getting a few hundred hits a month. It could not be found on any of the search engines. Katherine redesigned the site and optimized it and we are thrilled with the results. We now receive over 7,000 unique visitors to the site each month. Our key terms comes up on page 1 of Google and we she developed a super communications plan (e-newsletter) to follow up with travel agents, return guests and potential clients."

Kim Coates


Mexican Destinations - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Huske & Associates redesigned and optimized our website Before she worked on it we could not be found in the first 200 results of Google and Yahoo for our key words and the site was difficult to navigate. Today we receive over 18,000 unique visits each month to the site and can be found on page 1 of Google for all of our most important search terms like “Luxury Mexico Villa". She also developed an electronic communication plan so that we “talk” to our clients through a professional email on a monthly basis."  

Devin Marks

General Manager

Grand Lodge Crested Butte Hotel - Crested Butte, Colorado

“We were getting lack-luster results from our website and asked Katherine to redesign and optimize. Prior to her work on the site we could not be found for our key words. Today we have a newly designed site that we are proud of and we come up on page 1 of Google for  all our key terms. We are receiving close to 8,000 unique visitors each month. We are really happy with results.”

Peter Dann

Executive Vice President

Aspen Lodging Company - Aspen, Colorado

"Katherine provided marketing consulting services for Aspen Lodging Company, then a part of East West Resorts, for three years. During that time she developed and implemented a strategic marketing plan that produced results. Revenues increased substantially each year during her involvement with the marketing program. She developed new collateral, strategically targeted the travel agent, group and wholesaler markets, developed a communication plan for Homeowners and developed all the content for the Company’s website, inclusive of optimizing the site. Aspen Lodging Company consistently saw search result placement on the first page of Google when key terms “Aspen Lodging” and “Aspen Condo Rental” were utilized."

Andres Garza

General Manager

Vail Spa Condominiums - Vail, Colorado

"The Vail Spa website was not achieving the results we needed. We had an outdated look, very few pages of content and we were not found on the search engines. We were on a tight deadline and had a small budget to impact this winter season and wanted to turnaround a new site quickly. Katherine developed and optimized our new site in less than a month and we are excited about the results. We now come up on page 1 of Google for all our key terms and are seeing super increases in traffic to the site- over 6,000 unique visits last month."

Pete DeLacy 

Executive Vice President

Precept Ministries International

"Katherine is a high-energy, creative colleague with great collaborative skills, with a "can-do" approach to all challenges, always seeking the best solution. She's a great communicator, organizer and team-builder, and manages resources wisely. A joy to work with." 


Rebecca Gregory Segovia

Executive Vice President


"Katherine is a masterful blend of strategic thinking, creativity, and know how combined with her ability to lead a team to not only meet goals, but exceed them. She has extensive marketing, business development and sales experience in both the business world and the nonprofit market that lend to her success. She's smart, savvy, and sensible...definitely someone you want on your team."


Laure Hoffman

Executive Vice President

The Pocket Testament League

"Katherine is an amazing and absolutely brilliant in the areas of marketing, communications, social media and public relations. She is a clear thinker who is not only collaborative, but decisive, determined and bold. She is one of the best multi-taskers I know and always considerate, patient and optimistic, even when on deadline. I love her bright personality, her ability to have fun while working hard and her genuine love and concern for others. Working with Katherine has been one of the highlights while serving at The Pocket Testament League and I heartily recommend her work, experience and abilities to anyone!"


Pam Gillaspie 

Teacher and Author

"Do you ever find yourself short of breath just thinking about the social media behemoth? I sure did! Where do I start? What do I do? Then I remembered who to call . . . Katherine Huske!


I first had the pleasure of working with Katherine at Precept Ministries International and over the years have witnessed first-hand her depth of knowledge of all things social, her continual commitment to staying on the cutting edge of ever-changing markets, and her innovative thinking for reaching people and getting results. Katherine knows what works, she knows how to measure it, and she will bring you a peace of mind that you never thought possible in this tumultuous business arena. To top it off, she’s one the most pleasant people you’ll ever meet! Highly recommend!  I've loved working with Katherine! Her professionalism, work ethic, and flat-out joy make her a person who you simply love having on your team."

Brooke Ritterbush 

Director of Youth Ministries

Precept Ministries International

"Katherine is a team player and cares much for those she manages. She is a forward thinker and visionary. She knows how to organize a department and get the job done. I learned a lot from Katherine and am thankful for the time I had with her at Precept Ministries."

Todd Schulte

Vice President Digital


"I had the blessing of working with Katherine during the time I helped Pocket Testament League. During that time, it was obvious to me that Katherine was the driver keeping the organization performing at the level it was. She is disciplined, strategic, and organized. In my career to date, I haven’t seen anyone that can match Katherine’s ability to manage multiple projects (and I mean a ton) and deliver top quality professional results like she does. If you’ve got the opportunity to work with Katherine, don’t hesitate, take it, and move quickly, because the next guy won’t."

Thomas Cheatham


Christ Community Church - Basalt, Colorado

"Christ Community Church had an outdated website that was impossible to update and use. It also could not be found by the search engines. We wanted a clean, sharp look, and a site that new residents to the area could find on Google. We also wanted a church database integrated into the site where we could track members and sub groups through a web based database. Katherine Huske redesigned the site, developed a web-based database and optimized it. We now come up #1 on Google for “Basalt Church” and have a great site to communicate with our members.”

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