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Physical Health: Ideas To Help You Stay On Track

I have a very serious goal that I am mindful of every day... and that is to be as healthy as I can possibly be. Notice I didn't say as thin as I can possibly be. I'll be 65 this summer and I feel strong and healthy and I praise God for that. I know that my ability to serve the Lord here or in another country requires me to be healthy, so I have to be intentional about what I eat, my sleeping habits, my exercise and my mindset. If I'm not healthy I can't live in another country and serve Him effectively. It just wouldn't work.

I know God has numbered my days and He knows when my life will be over on this earth. He knows, and I know, I will live with Him forever and ever in the New Heaven and on the New Earth. But for now I try to be mindful each day about my daily habits to do everything in my power to stay healthy while I am on this planet.

Podcasts and Books

I'm a learner. That is my #1 strengths on the Gallup Strength Finder Test. If you don't know what your strengths are, take the test. I took it several years ago and it allows me to honor my strengths and pay attention to why each strength is great and sometimes not so great.

For example a "Learner" likes to...well, learn. I spend loads of time studying, reading and listening to teachers. Upside - I learn a lot. Downside - sometimes the process of learning is more important than the outcome. More on that later.

I listen to several great Podcasts and read a lot of books on health and wellness. I research topics and try things out. I monitor what I am doing to see if it is making me feel better, think better, have more energy, doesn't interfere with my sleep, etc.

I'll add more to the list as we go along.

My favorite podcasts:

  • JJ Virgen. Loads of research back podcasts and interviews with other health experts.

  • HalfSIze Me. Heather shares practical tips about eating, exercise and mindset. Very down to earth and practical. Plus she lost half her body size so she is walking the talk.

What I Eat to Build Up My Immunity

Here's a short PDF I created with a list of what I try to include in my diet every day. It sure is much easier to eat like this while in the good ol' USA. We are so blessed in this country to have everything we could ever want right at our fingertips.

What I Eat to Stay Healthy
Download PDF • 59KB


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